ClubGRANTS & Donations

Community Outreach

Gladesville RSL’s Contribution to the Community

Every year, Gladesville RSL provides in excess of $250,000 in contributions to the community through cash grants or in-kind donations. In addition to the projects supported by the ClubGRANTS program, a number of grants are provided to sporting groups, in particular our own sporting groups and the Gladesville RSL Youth Club. These grants encourage the participation in sport by subsidizing the fees to participate or providing the necessary sporting facilities or transport.

We also support a number of community groups through the provision of function facilities or the Club bus for transportation. Our function room and staff are often provided to many community groups including National Seniors, Gladesville Chamber of Commerce, Legacy Bingo, Gladesville RSL Women’s Auxiliary and Variety Club of NSW. We also provide the Gladesville RSL Sub Branch with office facilities and equipment to assist them in organizing events and providing welfare services to veterans.

Club Grants

Please read below for more information on the ClubGRANTS program or how to request a donation.

Gladesville RSL & Community Club Ltd participates in the ClubGRANTS scheme. This is a community development funding program sponsored by local clubs and administered by the City of Ryde Council.

The ClubGRANTS scheme provides one-off funding to non-government organisations and community groups for projects and programs which address demonstrated welfare needs of the local community. The aim is to encourage and support the development of local community organisations, services and strategies which aims to meet specific needs of the citizens of Ryde and the local area.

Applications for the 2018 round of funding are closed.

2018 Recipients

In 2018, Gladesville RSL contributed $140,000 to the ClubGRANTS program. This included the provision of cash and/or in kind donations to our sporting sub-clubs, Gladesville RSL Sub Branch, Gladesville RSL Womens Auxiliary, Gladesville RSL Youth Clubs, Legacy, Variety Club of NSW, Combined Pensioners & Superannuates Association, Gladesville Chamber of Commerce, Camp Quality and Ryde Sports Foundation.

For Category 1 applicants in the ClubGRANTS program, the following community groups were the successful recipients & their projects who shared in $35,000 in cash grants:

Organisation Project Description
Veterans Benevolent Fund

“Homes for Heroes”

Providing safe and secure accommodation to homeless veterans and their families, whilst also assisting in their treatment and assimiliation back into society.

Little Heroes Swim Academy Limited

“Putney Mad About Inclusion Program”

Provides drowning prevention and learn to swim lessons for children with a disability. Lessons are provided by a qualified swim instructor on a 1:1 basis and according to the individual needs of the students. Without this program most of the students would not be able to access lessons elsewhere because of the level of their disability, and the cost of alternate specialist programs. Many of the students have been enrolled in the program for the last few years and love it. For most of them it is the only recreational activity they do each week. The Program also provides an invaluable support network for the families. They get a chance to meet with other families once a week, and have a social catch up, and talk about any issues they may be facing. They also get to see their children achieve things they never thought they would achieve. This is a fantatic little program that means a lot to these kids lives.

Gladesville Ryde & Hunters Hill Branch of Combined Pensioners & Supperannuates Association

“Promoting Member Social Rights & Wellbeing”

To promote social rights and well-being both physical and mental of our branch members (all of whom by our organisational charter are senior citizens) and to reduce the stress associated with advancing age, reduction of family and friends, and their changing social environment.

Wheelchair Sports NSW

“Wheelchair Sports NSW Member Programs and Subsidies (Ryde)”

Physical exercise is the key to maintaining health, this is especially so for people with disabilities. WS NSW offer tangible support to people with physical disabilities by: 1. Removing financial barriers to participation 2. Encouraging people with a disability to pursue active, healthy lifestyles 3. Encouraging members, beginner to elite, to strengthen sport specific skills and encourage athlete retention 4. Enabling WS NSW members to increase confidence, self-esteem and social skills through involvement in sport. 5. Providing a pathway to developing sports champions likely to represent Australia as future elite athletes 6. Increasing community engagement with disability sport through inclusive participation, volunteering and spectating. Member programs and subsidies include sports programs, training, coaching, mentoring, equipment on loan, financial assistance and a range of different sports programs and competitions. Sport is a powerful rehabilitation tool for people who have suffered catastrophic injury. It is a strong integrating force for people with disabilities living in a predominately able-bodied society.

Sydney Community Services Inc.

“Putting People First”

The project strives to establish a balance between the physical and emotional self so that participant may be supported to take control and ownership of their lives in a positive manner. By offering Zumba classes and trips to special events, SCS seeks to enable clients to achieve their goals in regards to social and recreational activities. These activities also aim to provide purpose to those in need by establishing community connections, which encourage clients to leave the confines of their homes and enjoy their lives to the fullest extent possible. Special activities such as attending Zumba and singing workshops, theatre performances or taking a trip to the zoo may seem mundane to the average citizen, however to persons with disabilities who struggle with financial and health constraints such activities are often beyond their reach.

Sydney Community Services Inc.

“Creating for Wellness in Gladesville And Ryde”

The project focuses on delivering art and craft programs to people within our community who are older, have a disability or are economically disadvantaged. By working with skilled art tutors and therapists, participants will such programs have health benefits such as, reducing social isolation, improving mental health and delaying the onset of negative ageing related conditions. A selection of works will be showcased in a special Community Art Exhibition. The program offers vulnerable people in our community the opportunity to develop their interests and skills, thus increasing their well-being. Without the grant, this is not available to the participants.

Sydney Community Services Inc.

“Covering Out of Pocket Volunteer Expenses”

To support volunteers who are supporting the clients to sustain their independent living in the community. Social isolation is prevalent among the frail aged or persons with disabilities. Volunteers provide social interactions which are instrumental to a persons well being. In the process of achieving the client goals volunteers are incurring the costs which many of them or our organisation are not able to cover. This may include public transport or being transported by volunteers in their vehicles to run errands, or entry to the local swimming pool, libraries, cinemas, museums, galleries or Men’s Shed. This project will allow us to cover the out of pocket expenses incurred by the volunteers in the process of supporting a client, such as the cost of public transport for volunteers, entry to local amenities such as swimming pool and mileage for transporting the clients. Being accompanied by a volunteer is a deciding point for many people whether they will attempt to undertake the above activities.

War Widows Guild

“North Ryde War Widows Guild Social Club”

This project for outings and lunches will assist elderly members and those who no longer drive due to mobility issues. The Coordinator and volunteers will organise the activities with assistance from Guild Head Office. These events provide opportunities to visit new places, maintain friendships and reduce social isolation.


Gladesville RSL & Community Club Ltd welcome all requests from charitable and not for profit organisations for ‘in kind’ prize or function donations, however due to the volume received it is not able to support every request.

The Board of Directors meet once a month, therefore written submissions need to be provided to the Board at least two months (eight weeks) prior to the date required in order for the request to be considered.

Requests should be addressed to:

The Board of Directors
Gladesville RSL & Community Club Limited P.O. Box 94

Requests MUST be in writing and include:

  • Details and description of the function/event.
  • Name, description and contact details of the organisation which will
    benefit from the ‘in kind’ request.
  • Details of the donation request. If relating to a prize this includes
    the type of prize and value. In relation to a function this includes the services seeking to be waived or subsidised. Function related requests should only be submitted after a function quote has been obtained from the Club and the organiser is aware of the costs involved.
  • he resultant benefit to the community from the support received from Gladesville RSL & Community Club Ltd.
  • Details of any recognition and the form thereof of any recognition the Gladesville RSL & Community Club Ltd will receive in return for the donation.
  • Organisations who are successful in receiving ‘in kind’ support will be notified in writing by the Club following Board approval. Conditions relating to in kind function support being provided are:
  • The requesting organisation is to provide confirmed details to the Club no later than four weeks prior to the date of the function booking, with final attendance numbers and catering requirements no later than 7 days prior.
  • The venue MUST be left in a clean and tidy state following completion of the function, otherwise a cleaning fee may be imposed on the relevant organisation.
  • Club Management and staff are to be spoken to in a polite and respectful manner.
  • Failure to comply with the above may result in additional costs being incurred by the hirer and/or future ‘in kind’ support being jeopardized.
  • Club Management reserves the right, by giving the hirer four weeks notice, to cancel the relevant booking in order to accept a paid booking. Club Management also reserves the right to relocate the booking to an alternate location within 48 hours notice to the hirer.